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Building AML/CTF Programs to Meet Regulatory Expectations in a Cost Effective Manner


Ruben Aquino - Head of Compliance Ping Pong. 

"We hired Heritage Risk & AML Services for our company’s annual compliance training, and I couldn't be happier with the work that Heritage and Chris Guinias provided to us. Chris Gunias consistently impressed me with his dedication, professionalism, and expertise. Chris is not only knowledgeable in the compliance field, but he is also a person who consistently went above and beyond to ensure that the training went well, and he was always more than willing to provide any additional assistance or guidance that we needed. I highly recommend Chris Gunias and Heritage Risk & AML Services to anyone looking for a skilled and reliable professional in compliance. Heritage contributions were instrumental in our company’s annual training success, and I look forward to continuing to work with them."

Megan S.jpg

Megan Scharf - Director Operational Compliance Tipico.

"Chris' guidance and support have been instrumental in my professional growth with in the regulatory compliance space. Chris possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that played a key role in helping me navigate challenges and make informed decisions." 


Rabeeya Siddiqui - Head of Global KYC Compliance - Buckzy.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris as our BSA Officer at Buckzy. Chris is highly knowledgeable, proactive, and reliable. He takes his time to understand any ask or request to ensure that the details of his answer are accurate and relevant. Chris also has a great way of simplifying things; attending meetings with him has also taught me how to have difficult conversations in a humble and neutral manner. Chris and I have collaborated on Risk Assessments, Methodologies, Policies and Procedures, Compliance Training and Compliance analytics. Aside from his vast experience and professionalism, Chris is just a good person who models the "pay it forward" ideal to a T. Always kind, always helpful." 


Peter Morcos - Reliance Compliance Solutions Inc. a Canadian AML & Compliance Consultancy

"Heritage Risk and AML Services is our go-to consultancy for any BSA/Compliance regulatory inquiries in the USA. They have helped a number of our clients expand in the United states, developed AML & compliance programs and helped them with licensing requirements. Chris and his team are very knowledgeable with over 10,000 hours of experience, they are always aware of the latest publications by FINCEN and have for years taken care of board advisory services for our clients with USA .


Brion Nazzaro - Global Head of Compliance WorldRemit; CEO A7Advisors Consuting.

I’ve known Chris for the last 15 years, if you need a Compliance or Risk expert you can stop looking because you’ve found him. Chris has hands-on experience in the US, Canada, and across Europe, covering compliance regs for AML, privacy, and regulatory compliance in both bank and non-bank financial institutions. Chris’s experience at Western Union, where he covered more than 150 regulatory exams from every state in the US, was a tremendous help at WorldRemit where he managed a world class exam team with strong exam outcomes in the US and Canada. As the regional head of compliance, he managed four teams in 3 time zones and a portfolio of over 50 money transmitter licenses. As an internal director, Chris is well-versed on board governance and objectives and was productive from the first meeting on. His ability to communicate compliance and risk to other board members was highly productive and, I feel, kept WorldRemit in better standings with its regulators because they could see his activity in the board minutes. He was also respectful of other opinions and helped maintain a great board culture.

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