Building AML/CTF Programs to Meet Regulatory Expectations in a Cost Effective Manner


Clients often approach Heritage Risk & AML Services with a general idea of what they need but not a fully formed request, and this project was no different.


A Canadian cryptocurrency company requested an independent  audit and procedures update for their AML/CTF compliance program .

 I reviewed the current program,  recommended they take a risk based approach and completed a full compliance program review to bring their risk assessment, policies and procedures in line with new 2020 FINTRAC regulations. 


FinTech, MSBs or Cryptocurrency start up's have a hard time hiring full compliance staff to build their AML Compliance Programs on day one. This is where I come in. I can provide industry expertise as a subject matter expert to build a cost effective program that meets regulatory standards.


A recent client requested I build them a AML/CTF compliance program including full policies and procedures for transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, SAR/STR reporting and compliance training. 

By ensuring consistent and transparent communication, my client was able meet their regulatory requirements in time for their licensing deadlines.